It Takes Work

I've had this tattoo idea floating around in my head for a long time: I want to get the words "It Takes" tattooed across one wrist and "Work" tattooed across the other. I got the idea in 11th grade, after realizing how scared I am of trying to do new things. I've always been plagued … Continue reading It Takes Work

Intro: Clearing my Bookshelf

So one of my resolutions for 2018 was to read 40 books. Yeah, 40. I set my resolutions I grew up around books; my house as a child was practically me and my dad's personal library. I used to read all day every day when I was in primary and secondary school, but now that … Continue reading Intro: Clearing my Bookshelf


My name is Neida (pronounced Nay-duh), I'm currently 19 years old (but I'll be 20 in April) and this is my blog. I'm starting this blog because I absolutely love writing, but I needed a solid excuse to do it more outside of class. I found myself only writing creatively when I was in a creative writing class, or only writing essays (personal or otherwise) when I was in and English class or only writing reviews of things in my journalism class. None of that really sat well in my soul. I realized about a year ago that I really need to be writing on a regular basis to feel happy healthy and well-balanced. So here I am starting a blog!