My name is Neida (pronounced Nay-duh), I’m currently 19 years old (but I’ll be 20 in April) and this is my blog.

I’ve had a couple of blogs in the past, but they were both for school. I was never super stoked about writing for them, partially because the stated purpose of them at my school was kind of vague and I wasn’t to hyped on the idea of my teachers being able to read my inner most thoughts. I’d always wanted to start one, but I never really made the time for it until now.

More than anything I’m starting this blog because I absolutely love writing, but I needed a solid excuse to do it more outside of class. I found myself only writing creatively when I was in a creative writing class, or only writing essays (personal or otherwise) when I was in and English class or only writing reviews of things in my journalism class. None of that really sat well in my soul. I realized about a year ago that I really need to be writing on a regular basis to feel happy healthy and well-balanced. So here I am starting a blog!

This space is really going to be whatever I feel like it being. I know that’s not any kind of description, but I think part of what was stopping me from starting this earlier was the idea that I needed to have an overall ***theme*** or purpose to it in order for people to want to read it. I kept comparing my (not yet existent) blog to bigger ones, ones about food or fashion or makeup exclusively, and feeling like, since I wasn’t mostly interested in writing any one genre, I couldn’t start a blog.

But then one day I just said screw it, and decided to start anyway. I’m a person with diverse interests, probably like most people, and I want this blog to reflect those interests. I’m not just interested in makeup, music, fashion, food, movies or politics. I’m interested in all of them so I’m going to be writing about all of them.

I haven’t really set a schedule to when I’m going to post, but I’m planning on doing at least one post every week. One of my New Years’ resolutions was to write 500 words a day, so maybe some of that will end up here. I’m really excited to start building this space and seeing where it takes me and whoever decides to come along on the journey with me. Welcome and allons-y!



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